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If you think the OPG AG report showed how “badly gouged” Ontario consumers have been, just read what Hydro One is all about!!!

The Big Green Lie

Kathleen Wynne aka Dalton McGuinty certainly have created a few CASH COWS for their pockets in their ruination of Ontario during their reign of financial terror.

If you think the Auditor General’s Report on Ontario Power Generation was hard to swallow, then read on and see if you can hold down your next meal after reading this.

Hydro One customers are almost in a state of shell shock at the end of each month when they open their bills and squint at the totals owing to see if they will have to go to a food bank for their next meal, OR stop heating their homes.

At least, most Third World countries are in sunny climes that allow people to live in the streets without wearing furs!

Here is another in-depth look inside Hydro One’s insane financial excess thanks to your overpriced and outrageous Hydro Bills that arrive monthly without…

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