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UK: Seniors and Many Families with Children are Too Poor to Heat Their Homes Thanks to Skyrocketing Energy Bills

(The same situation is happening more often here in Ontario, as various charities report that they are already out of funds for the season to help those who can’t afford their electricity bills and the Auditor General has advised that Ontarians pay billions extra, unnecessarily, for hydro.  And still, the ridiculous green agenda steamrolls on. […]

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Vesta Wind Systems’ Share Price Plummets 30% As Green Tech Reels From Low Oil Prices

(Can we have a collective sympathetic, “Ahhhhhhh” for Vestas? — DQ) Holly Ellyatt — Energy Future — December 19, 2014 The green energy market is fast becoming the latest to fall victim to the precipitous fall in global oil prices, as investors shun eco-friendly tech companies. The price of benchmark Brent crude has fallen 46 […]

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U.S. — Climate Change Claims for Southern States Are Filled With Inaccuracies Upon Examination

Sierra Rayne — American Thinker — December 16, 2014 The fossil fuels industry is routinely – and wrongly – pilloried in the mainstream media over its purported obfuscations surrounding climate change. Actually, to many of us climate realists, the fossil fuels industry has ceded too much ground to the climate alarmists over the past decade. […]

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UK: PM David Cameron Says That People Are ‘Fed Up” With Wind Turbines — Enough is Enough

BBC News — December 16, 2014 People are “fed up” with onshore wind farms being built, and “enough is enough”, David Cameron has said. The Conservatives say they would not subsidise new onshore turbines if they win the general election. The prime minister also criticised the “religiosity” of fracking critics, saying he would be happy […]

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For Easy Reference: 100 Reasons Why Climate Change is Natural

Tip o’ the hat to C. Berg for this article. HERE are the 100 reasons, released in a dossier issued by the European Foundation, why climate change is natural and not man-made: 1) There is “no real scientific proof” that the current warming is caused by the rise of greenhouse gases from man’s activity. 2) […]

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Wind Syndrome: Public Health Crisis

By H. Sterling Burnett, Ph.D  —  The Heartland Institute — December 12, 2014 Wind farms are a “human health hazard,” or so concludes Wisconsin’s Brown County Health Board (BCHB) with regard to the Shirley Wind Project, owned by Duke Energy (DE). The board’s action has put Duke Energy on the defensive; the power company now […]

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Ontario PC Interim Leader Jim Wilson to Kathleen Wynne — Pull the Plug on Failed Energy Policies

Northumberland View — December 11, 2014 Queen’s Park – The Auditor General confirmed what the PC Caucus has said all along – the Liberal government has made a mess of the energy file, Ontario PC Interim Leader Jim Wilson said today during the final Question Period exchange for 2014. Wilson used the opportunity to hold […]

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“Contradictions, Bias Undermine Credibility of the Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise Study”

Tip o’ the hat to Sherri Lange (NaPAW) for this article from Master Resource “Contradictions, Bias Undermine Credibility of the Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise Study” By Mark Davis and Keith Stelling — December 10, 2014 “We are dismayed that the recently released Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study has ignored the distress […]

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Pro-Wind Cyber Bully and Propagandist Mike Barnard Ordered to Cease His Online Assaults

People have been wondering lately, where our perpetual cyber-bully and pro-wind weasel Mike Barnard has disappeared to! We certainly didn’t know, although certainly the air seemed a bit sweeter, the sun has been shining a bit brighter and generally, it has felt as if there was a shift in the space time continuum. Today, we […]

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Ontario — Ripoff in realtime: is wind power really worth it?

Stephen E. Aplin — Canadian Energy Issues — December 3, 2014 Right now, the 27 wind farms in Ontario are generating roughly 2,000 megawatts of power. Wind power proponents are applauding: this is one of the very rare moments when the “capability” of the wind fleet has been as high as it is right now, […]

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Denmark: Health Effects Related to Wind Turbine Noise Exposure: A Systematic Review

RESEARCH ARTICLE Health Effects Related to Wind Turbine Noise Exposure: A Systematic Review DECEMBER 4, 2014 Jesper Hvass Schmidt1,2,3*, Mads Klokker4,5 1. Institute of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark, 2. Department of Audiology, Odense University Hospital, Odense, Denmark, 3. Department of ENT Head and Neck Surgery, Odense University Hospital, Odense, Denmark, 4. […]

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Australia Radio Interview: Alan Jones talks about inquiry into wind power

Anti-wind advocate Alan Jones talks to Liberal Democrat senator about his inquiry into wind power Click here to listen to radio interview

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America Should Avoid Germany’s Failed Energy Policy

Jared Meyer — Manhattan Institute — December 1, 2014 The Environmental Protection Agency’s new proposed ozone regulations, released the day before Thanksgiving, will raise the price of American energy by forcing new requirements on utilities, coal, oil, and natural gas. The new regulations, out for proposed comment, would limit ozone pollution to between 65 and […]

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Climate Alarmists say that Weather Data Proving Their Predictions Wrong is Just “Dumb Luck”

This New Report On Hurricanes Is Sure To Get A Stormy Reception By Climate Change Alarmists Norvell Rose – Western Journalism – Climate Change Dispatch –  December 1,  2014 On the website of The Nature Conservancy is the kind of matter-of-fact conclusion based on “scientific research” that you can find repeated, echoed, and amplified by numerous groups promoting a […]

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Foregone Conclusions of Global Warming

(My favourite word in this article comes at the end….”climatistas”.  Perfect!  Tip o’ the hat to The Galileo Movement for this find.  — DQ) Brian C. Joondeph — American Thinker — November 30, 2014 A foregone conclusion is, “A result that is obvious to everyone even before it happens.” Who cares about data, evidence, or […]

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