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23 Texas Wind Farm Hosts sue over noise and nuisance

The Acoustic Ecology Institute — January 30, 2014 In what may be an unprecedented move, 23 Texans who host wind turbines on their property have filed suit against two different wind farm developers, claiming that companies “carelessly and negligently failed to adequately disclose the true nature and effects that the wind turbines would have on the community, […]

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Gone With the Wind: Weak Returns Cripple German Renewables

Gunther Latsch, Anne Seith and Gerald Traufetter — Der Speigel — January 30, 2014 Investments in renewable energy were supposed to be a sure thing, with wind park operators promising annual returns of up to 20 percent. More often than not, however, such pledges have been illusory — and many investors have lost their principal to boot. Three […]

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Illinois Family Forced to Move Due to California Ridge Wind Turbines

Originally posted on Global Wind Energy — The Human Impact:
VERMILION CO. IL. (ECWd) – WGN Farming America radio interviewed Ted Hartke on the problems with wind turbines, especially the ones at the California Ridge Wind Farm in northern Vermilion County Illinois. The farm is operated by Invenergy. Ted and his family were forced to…

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The real problem with polls.

Originally posted on Pointman's:
I see yet more opinion polls on global warming wiggling their way through the bowels of the mainstream media like tapeworms. They’re only usually interesting in terms of spotting how the alarmists have bent the questionnaire, data, statistical methods or simply misrepresented the results to achieve the required propaganda headlines.…

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Camp Perry Wind Turbine Project Halted Following Threat to Sue and Petition Campaign

Groups Laud Government’s Decision to Reconsider Project in Key Migratory Corridor Kimberly Kaufman — Black Swamp Observatory — January 30, 2014 One of several wind turbine projects planned for the shores of Lake Erie, in one of the greatest bird migration corridors in the Western Hemisphere, has been halted following submission of a letter of […]

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Ornithologists: money for nothing and birds for free

Originally posted on NO MORE LIES !:
Manipulating eagles and other birds is kind of fun, exciting for sure Picture: bald eagle fitted with radio transmitter and harness. Feathers, ruffled by transmitter & harness, will lose their insulation quality. Quotes from an article in East County Magazine: “Several witnesses reported a mortality rate of 90%…

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Ontario seniors state they might as well be dead as they can no longer afford hydro

Read this story from CTV news and then check out the comment section below.  This is what these Liberal bastards have driven the people of this province to and still  they go around patting themselves on the back.  Something is going to snap.  This is intolerable.  And to any one of you reading this who […]

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Germans call for unity among anti-wind groups around the world with this music video

It’s time that we join efforts to stop this assault on rural residents around the globe who have had enough of being sold out by their governments to the wind industry.

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Japanese Space Agency agrees with Skeptics on Climate Change

Tip of the hat to John O’Sullivan Terri Jackson (MSc Physics) — Principia Scientific — January 27, 2014 Higher carbon dioxide levels are coming from undeveloped countries in equatorial Africa and South America not from UK, EU and US, shows Japanese government satellite data.  Japan abandons its CO2 targets as separate scientific evidence suggests Earth […]

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Climate Change: Serious threat or fanatical religion?

Marita Noon — Canada Free Press — January 26, 2014 The current cold covering a large portion of the country has, once again, brought out the climate change alarmists with claims of “serious threat.” Due to his respected position, as climate scientist at the University of California, San Diego Institution of Oceanography, Richard C.J. Somerville’s […]

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A great explanation of the 97% consensus and C02 in the atmosphere — In other words, CC for Dummies (that would be me)

Gary W. Smith — Times Herald — January 25, 2014 A Lot Of Climate Fluff Consider the unnamed ball-parking “9 of 10 climate change supporting scientists” ploy: A 2009 Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois survey, by Peter Doran and Maggie Zimmerman sent to 10,257 American Geophysical Union members is its foundation. […]

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The NDP wants to hear your opinions about high hydro rates. Go ahead. Tell them what you think.

I certainly gave them my two cents worth.  First I ripped into them for sitting on their hands for the past few years while the corrupt Liberals put their outrageous energy policies into place.  Then I tore a strip off them for keeping the Dalton Gang in power the past 2 years.  Then I accused […]

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Massive rescue bill for Spirit of Mawson

Originally posted on Australian Climate Madness:
Where will the liability fall? Prof Chris Turney and the University of New South Wales could end up liable for up to AU$2.4 million to cover the cost of the rescue of the Ship of Fools: THE Federal Government will seek the full costs incurred during the recovery effort…

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The Ice Age Holes in the Case for Anthropogenic Climate Change

Originally posted on Playing the Devil's Advocate:
The belief that human activities, especially of the type seen in industrial and post-industrial societies, are somehow responsible for “global climate change” previously known as “global warming” is an established article of faith among a significant percentage of the population in many countries. Hardly a day goes…

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Wind Permits Allowing Eagle Deaths Face Blowback

Clare Foran — National Journal — January 23, 2014 An ongoing battle over an Interior Department rule-making that allows wind-energy producers to kill bald and golden eagles without prosecution has created a rift between environmental advocates and the wind industry. “We’re between a rock and a hard place,” said David Yarnold, president and CEO of […]

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