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Calgary Councillor slammed for daring to question Global warming. We need more public officials like him.

Reid Southwick — Calgary Herald — January 5, 2014

City councillor Sean Chu landed in hot water after he publicly took aim at “global warming alarmists.”

Chu, who is skeptical that man-made climate change is a real phenomenon, took to Twitter on Saturday to question why proponents have been “quiet” about frigid temperatures sweeping over the Antarctic and Calgary.

“So quiet frm global warming alarmists about the ice stuck ship & yyc weather, it’s deafening. Is it b/c the weather’s been so freaking cold?” he said in the tweet, referring to a Russian research vessel that had recently been stranded in Antarctic ice.

The reaction was swift and damning.

“Nailed it. You’re quite the scientician,” tweeted Chris Turner, a journalist and author of War on Science, a scathing account of the Harper government’s environmental policy and its “muzzling” of scientists.

Greg Miller quipped: “Yep it’s cold in Calgary therefore Global Warming is a hoax.”

Even Mayor Naheed Nenshi entered the fray, initially responding with a single word: “wow.”  Read full article here….


Photo via the Toronto Sun

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