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Ontario: Bye bye turtle, bye bye

Wellington Times — January 3, 2014

Leave it to Conroy and the Times to keep a watchful eye on the Ostrander Point debacle, as noted in the last issue.

I think everyone in the County would like to see an end to the ongoing debate about wind turbines, but like the wind itself, you never know when it’s going to come up and bite you one more time.

Since the shocking ruling by the Ministry of the Environment’s (MOE) own Tribunal to save the Blanding’s Turtle—as mandated by their own Endangered Species Act—the MOE apparently values money and politics more than integrity, and has joined the fight to overturn its own findings.

Sometimes politics is an enjoyable game. I thought it hilarious that the MOE appointed its own tribunal judges to come to a fair decision, and then brought its own lawyers to sway their decision.

If I got in trouble, I would be happy to fork out the money for my own judge and my own lawyer. And at taxpayers’ expense. You can’t beat that.

But, sadly, the Tribunal judges backed the plaintiffs, and a turtle. The poor judges are probably now demoted to stapling endless sheets of trial transcripts, in English and French, and have lost their parking spaces at Queen’s Park.

But the story that ends: “And the turtles lived happily ever after” did not end there. No. Someone came up with turtlegates.

I suspect that these are tiny little gates that turtles can use to safely cross their natural habitats. Probably they can push their wet turtle noses against a button, which will activate a ‘Turtle Crossing’ signal for about 72 hours. Problem solved.

This would certainly suit the Ministry of Natural Resources’ (MNR) stated mission: “When a species becomes listed as endangered or threatened on the Species at Risk in Ontario List, it automatically receives general habitat protection under theEndangered Species Act.

Now a whole pile of new lawyers have joined the table to fight the little turtle. Frankly, I’d rather have a table full of turtles than a table full of lawyers, but I’m funny that way. Turtles I can understand.  Read full article here…..

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