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Global Warming’s Deranged Disciples are Impoverishing Europe

Gerald Warner — The Scotsman — January 11, 2014

CLIMATE change is real and it is happening very fast. The climate of opinion, that is, regarding the rapidly imploding fantasies of the global warming alarmists.

After a decade in which sane commentators have been angered and frustrated by the purblind adherence to the warmist superstition by followers of the Al Gore cult – prominent among them our own esteemed First Minister and President for Life Designate – the whole climate change scam has finally degenerated into a joke, provoking widespread derision.

That has not deterred the climate Gnostics, sustained by their mystical insight into inner truths hidden from sceptics (“deniers” in their language of anathema) and, increasingly, from scientists who have not taken the IPCC shilling. The cultists can rely on the support of politicians since non-existent global warming furnishes the pretext for all-too-existent and exorbitant taxes, which is what the whole myth is all about. Thus, during discussion of the recent floods in the Commons last week, David Cameron was prompted by the Liberal Democrat MP Tim Farron to attribute the problem to climate change. The Prime Minister dutifully replied: “Colleagues across the House can argue about whether that is linked to climate change or not. I very much suspect that it is.”  Continue reading here…..


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One Comment on “Global Warming’s Deranged Disciples are Impoverishing Europe”

  1. 1957chev January 11, 2014 at 8:38 pm #

    David Cameron, like so many other useless politicians, is afraid to admit that it was all a big scam, and that they fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Problem is, they dragged us all down that dead end road with them, at our own expense! No sense throwing good money after bad, stop the bullsh*t now!!!

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