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Scotland: Sinister letters sent to critics of planned wind farm

Rod Mills — Scottish Express — January 14, 2014

Poison pen letters have been sent to a retired doctor and her husband after they objected to plans for a wind farm near their home.

The letters purport to be from a group called Stranraer Wind Farm Enthusiasts.

The writer claims the group has 1,200 members.

Three crudely written and mis-spelt letters were sent to the couple and a third person in the Stranraer area of Wigtownshire.

Two went to retired GP Angela Armstrong, 71, and her husband Andrew Shiells, 67, at their farmhouse in Barrachan, near Port William.

Dr Armstrong and her husband are among the residents opposing plans by the French firm EDF to site 18 giant turbines, each 450ft high, close to their homes.

Dr Armstrong said: “What’s worrying is the apparent local knowledge. He, or she, complains about the posters we and some neighbours have put up along a remote stretch of country road.”  Continue reading here…..


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