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Toronto Hydro’s “creative accounting” doesn’t bode well for Toronto consumers

The Big Green Lie

Similar to Ontario Liberal’s “creative accounting” methods being employed to bleed as much money out of Ontario Hydro consumers pockets, it seems Toronto Hydro has also been bitten by the gouging and screwing over of their own consumers in the Big Smoke!

After all when CEO’s and other executives are demanding 100’s of thousands of dollars for their wages per year, where else will they get that revenue other than consumers pockets?

The following is a well researched and definitive report that is not only eye-opening but should stir the “juices of discontent” inside every Toronto Hydro customer when they open their monthly inflated hydro bills!!!

Parker Gallant: Toronto Hydro: Creative accounting baffles Toronto City Council and the OEB

(January 14, 2014) Recently I stumbled upon a 2003 Toronto Hydro bill in my effort to rid the office space of paper piles.

The bill disclosed electricity costs  in 2003 were 4.3…

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