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P.E.I. arenas say their wind turbines are an expensive burden and want their money back

Abigale Subdhan — National Post — January 16, 2014

Several Prince Edward Island rinks that were convinced to make the expensive conversion to wind power, but never saw the promised savings, are now trying to get rid of the trouble-plagued turbines and win compensation for their troubles.

“We went into debt to purchase this windmill on the promise that it would make us money and it would help us with our power costs,” said Tom Albrecht, vice-president of the South Shore Actiplex in Crapaud, P.E.I., which spent $70,000 and received another $230,000 from the federal and provincial governments to install a turbine.

“The bottom line is buy us out and give us our money back.”

Last week, the Wind Energy Institute of Canada apparently decided to shut down turbines at at least some of the rinks, as it worked through technical problems, according to Darin Craig, past president of the South Shore Actiplex board.

In 2010, the institute had contacted the Actiplex, and three other rinks, to inform them about the benefits that a wind turbine would add to their community arena.

Mr. Craig said institute representatives estimated the rink would save up to $18,000 per year – covering about 50% of the electrical costs for the facility.

Instead, the wind turbines generated a third of what the board was originally told, about $10,500 during two years.  Continue reading here…..

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