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Ontarians getting the worst value on earth from its wind energy contracts

Scott Luft — Cold Air Currents — January 18, 2014

Some fresh material provides an opportunity to revisit the reasons wind energy is bad for my province.  Bjorn Lomborg has an interesting post up on Facebook today.

“Here is an overview of the total support paid in US cents per kWh for wind. On average, the cost is ¢12.6.

For comparison, you can see the current cost of producing a kWh in the US with coal (¢3.2/kWh) and gas (¢3.0/kWh). Of course, both the energy from coal and wind is worth more, because you can produce it on demand, and not only when the wind blows.
Yet, wind saves CO₂ emissions. Depending on the composition of energy sources and especially marginal sources, a kWh of wind will avoid between 400-900 grams of CO₂.
To illustrate, in Texas a kWh of wind will likely avoid 600 grams of CO₂. Given that Texas pays ¢3.3 above the cost of coal (and even more above gas), it is in effect paying about $55 per ton of CO₂ avoided.”

Lomborg’s post continues to demonstrate in areas where fossil fuel prices are much higher (such as Japan), wind may provide a much better value.  It’s worth a read.
Lomborg’s statements aren’t revolutionary; in September the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) explained that wind is a displacement source here; the value of wind energy is simply the cost of fuel displaced, and not infrastructure.   To continue reading and to view charts, click here….

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