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Ontario’s green fiasco is a lesson to us all

Graham Hicks — QMI Agency — January 18, 2014

Ontario is reeling.

The “Ontario Green Energy Program,” introduced four years ago by then-Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government, has proved to be an utter disaster.

A public inquiry has brought to light the sheer size of this white elephant.

The consequence of going all-out green will cost the average Ontario family an extra $636 a year by 2018 , a 42% jump in electricity bills over the next five years.

Independent analysts are pegging the additional costs at $16 billion today, $23 billion by 2016. This in a province that is already $273 billion in debt!

“Trying to save the future has created an economic disaster in the here and now, for our children and our grandchildren,” summed up one commentator.

Ontario industry is paying more for power than almost any other jurisdiction in North America. Any wonder manufacturing and food processing companies are leaving Ontario? Any wonder it’s so tough to find a job in Ontario?

I don’t pretend to know the ins-and-outs of the electricity business. It’s a complicated beast.

But I do know that Ontario’s uproar is happening just as Alberta’s deregulated, industry-run electricity system would appear to be settling down and providing electricity at reasonable cost, without hidden government subsidy and without the fool’s game of crown-owned utilities controlled by politicians seeking re-election.

What happened in Ontario was quite simple.   Continue reading here…..


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