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Michigan: Judge rules it’s too late to add more participants to wind turbine suit

Jeff Broddle — Cadillac News — January 22, 2014

A Wexford County judge turned down a motion by the defendants in a wind turbine lawsuit to allow as many as 200 property owners who lease their property to the wind developers to be added as participants in the suit.

Several dozen property owners filled one half of the 28th Circuit Court courtroom in Wexford County Tuesday afternoon as a motion to add the property owners as parties to the case was heard by Judge William Fagerman.

The plaintiffs in the case are Charles and Debby Wiltzer and their son, Seager, an elementary school student. The Wiltzer’s suit contends they have suffered numerous disturbances due to the construction of a wind turbine on property across the road from their home, within approximately 1,500 feet. The family says two other wind turbines within three-quarters of a mile from the home may also have an impact. The Stoney Corners Wind Farm consists of 29 wind turbines and generates more than 60 megawatts of electricity — enough to power all of Wexford County.

Plaintiff’s attorney Susan Hlywa Topp said due to the placement of the wind turbines, the family has been forced to instead live at their second home to avoid issues with sleep disturbance, dizziness, stress, fatigue, weight loss, headaches, motion disturbance and other problems. Charles Wiltzer has a history of tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, and otosclerosis, and abnormal growth of bone near the middle ear that can result in hearing loss that he claims makes him particularly susceptible to infrasound said to be generated by the turbines.   Read full article here…..

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