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Climate Change: Serious threat or fanatical religion?

Marita Noon — Canada Free Press — January 26, 2014

The current cold covering a large portion of the country has, once again, brought out the climate change alarmists with claims of “serious threat.”

Due to his respected position, as climate scientist at the University of California, San Diego Institution of Oceanography, Richard C.J. Somerville’s recent “Cold comfort” column was published in newspapers throughout the country.

In it, he grouses that the public doesn’t take the “consequences” of climate change seriously—pointing out that they are “here and now.” He cites: “only 54 percent of the public sees it as a global threat to their countries—and only 40 percent of Americans do.”

Somerville suggests: “people either are scientifically illiterate or reject science when it conflicts with their core values or religious convictions.” He posits: “the medical profession and communication experts may have much to teach those climate scientists” because “Priming patients to appreciate the value of medical diagnostic tests has been shown to make them more likely to take these tests and then act on the results.”

What Somerville misses in the analogy is that the data backs up the medical case. For example, getting a mammogram catches breast cancer early and increases survival rates. The data has shown that medical science is correct.

On the contrary, the data doesn’t support the claims made by climate scientists—but they just keep making them. Apparently they believe the “big lie” propaganda technique used so effectively by Adolf Hitler.

In Somerville’s column, he offers several familiar, easily disproven statements:

  • “Low-lying areas are threatened by sea-level rise” which will result in “millions of environmental refugees” and
  • “Major threats to agricultural productivity as rainfall patterns change and as heat waves, floods, droughts and other weather extremes worsen.”

Because my expertise is in communications not climate, I reached out to someone who could help me: Robert Endlich—who does in fact have both the education and experience. Endlich, who served as a USAF weather officer for 21 years and holds a BS in geology and an MS in meteorology, offered me pages of data and documentation, which I’ve summarized for my readers.   Continue reading here…..

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2 Comments on “Climate Change: Serious threat or fanatical religion?”

  1. 1957chev January 26, 2014 at 8:34 pm #

    Fanatics never let reality interfere with their agenda! They are using the climate scare to rob us, without our resistance. It is not going to work!

  2. sandcanyongal January 27, 2014 at 6:16 am #

    Corporations are leading us into the hands of the unending energy slavery of utility companies. Huge subsidies are given to developers financed by investors, banks and companies like Berkshire Hathaway. Here near Mojave, CA developers are putting in wind turbine generators and solar panels by the thousands- millions in the case of solar. For example a company has a proposal going thru the process in east Kern County – 3.6 million solar panels that they claim will power 330,000 residences. The power will go into the grid. If the model was for those same panels to be installed on homes and businesses can you imagine 330,000 homes powered by solar panels – energy at the source of use and gridless. The true economic benefits of rooftop solar are the permanent jobs they’ll create wherever panels are located. Cottage industries will open, jobs for framers, electricians, maintenance, upgrades, drivers, technicians for the life of those panels and wherever they’re located. The other benefit will be research to create compact and powerful solar units that can be bought at Home Depot and fit into a vehicle – plug and play.

    American industries will evolve creating jobs for the people rather than all the profits being funneled up to the 1% and investors, many of them not living in the U.S.

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