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Ornithologists: money for nothing and birds for free

Another profession that has sold out.


Manipulating eagles and other birds is kind of fun, exciting for sure

manipulating eagles - radio transmitters

Picture: bald eagle fitted with radio transmitter and harness. Feathers, ruffled by transmitter & harness, will lose their insulation quality.

Quotes from an article in East County Magazine:http://eastcountymagazine.org/node/14638

“Several witnesses reported a mortality rate of 90% for birds mounted with Bittner’s transmitters during one nine-month period. Yet Bittner reported only a 20% mortality rate during that nine month period in 2011.”

manipulating eagles - ruffled feathers

Picture: immature bald eagle fitted with a radio transmitter. The white feathers ruffled by the transmitter are evident.

It’s a no brainer that something attached on a bird’s back for over a year will cause feather damage, exposing the bare skin to rain.

Even 20% collateral damage is unacceptable, so what to think of 90%? Many ornithologists get paid for playing with radio trackers, their new toys. They trap eagles, fit them with a transmitter…

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