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The real problem with polls.


I see yet more opinion polls on global warming wiggling their way through the bowels of the mainstream media like tapeworms. They’re only usually interesting in terms of spotting how the alarmists have bent the questionnaire, data, statistical methods or simply misrepresented the results to achieve the required propaganda headlines. Given how often such Cook the Books or Lewpapers take a bashing from the skeptic blogosphere, the ordinary person can only conclude that the originators are either particularly inept as researchers or equally inept at cheating their way undetected to the desired result.

A few skeptics have even started running their own polls, but for reasons that I hope will become apparent, I won’t be paying them too much attention. It’s working out the target demographic the results and interpretations are being shaped for which I find more informative.

Even when the opinion polls are conducted in a professional and honest manner, things…

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