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Green Energy Not Fit for the Grid

Viv Forbes — American Thinker — February 4, 2014

Germany’s wind and solar power generation came to a standstill in late 2013. More than 23,000 wind turbines ran out of wind and most of the one million photovoltaic systems ran out of sunlight. For a whole week, coal nuclear and gas-powered plants generated an estimated 95 percent of Germany’s electricity.

Britain has 3,500 wind turbines, but during a period of extreme cold they produced just 1.8% of UK’s electricity. But, gluttons for punishment, politicians intend building more.

When electricity demand peaked at the height of the recent heatwave in Southern Australia, the total power output from the fleet of wind farms across Victoria and South Australia was almost zero. Solar panels worked at their peak for a short time during the heat of the afternoon, but waned as the sun moved on and smokiness increased.

At dinner time on any still, cold winter night, when all suburban stoves, lights, TV’s and heaters need power, solar panels sit in the dark, powerless. And the idle wind turbines are probably drawing power from the grid for heating, lubrication, electro-magnets, hydraulics and start-up.

Despite the expenditure of trillions of dollars on conferences, green energy subsidies, research, carbon taxes, carbon trading, solar and wind subsidies, plant construction, additional transmission lines and back-up power, wind and solar only produce a derisory share of world energy (“zero” if rounded to the nearest whole number).  Continue reading here….


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One Comment on “Green Energy Not Fit for the Grid”

  1. Tehachapi Gal February 5, 2014 at 4:00 pm #

    I can’t fathom that even the most elementary person will continue to believe that our atmosphere isn’t heating. Physics is repeatable and undeniable. However, peppering the entire U.S. and Canada with wind turbines and solar panels isn’t the correct technology to use. Intense r&d is needed that is insulated from the greedy hands of politics and greed. Until this happens no progress will be made.

    Living in the middle of Tehachapi’s wind farms, I can attest that they’ve been a huge waste of taxpayer money.

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