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The nanny-state Liberals want you to know that “Fire is hot and winter is cold”

Fire is hot, winter is cold — and other government advice

Peter Shawn Taylor — Waterloo Record — February 6, 2014

It’s been a long time since something worth writing about appeared in my mail box.

In the old days, mysterious brown envelopes would occasionally find their way through Canada Post to a journalist’s desk. Email and the internet put an end to that.

Last week, however, amid the riot of pizza ads and coupon booklets that comprise the bulk of my mail these days, something worthy of a column did arrive.

“WinterWise: Home Safety for the Winter Season” is a colourful little booklet published by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority, the provincial body responsible for inspecting elevators, ski lifts, boilers and upholstery in Ontario. It is broadly distributed throughout the province. No doubt you received one, too.

Anyone who bothers to read it will find a host of warnings and tips covering many alleged winter health risks.

The advice ranges from the moderately useful (install a carbon monoxide detector, get your furnace serviced regularly) to the blazingly obvious (fireplaces are hot — don’t touch them, never use space heaters in standing water, dress warmly when it’s cold outside), to an annoyingly bossy set of rules for tobogganing (never toboggan a hill steeper than 30 degrees, never use an inner tube, wear a helmet, always toboggan on your knees).

No doubt this is all well-intentioned. The folks who inspect the province’s elevators also want everyone to be safe when they’re at home or in the park as well. If they happen to irritate the occasional columnist with moronic warnings about hot fireplaces and toboggan helmets, well that’s just the price of caring about the safety of Ontarians . …

But this innocuous little brochure is also representative of some of the most lamentable and destructive tendencies of modern government. It may appear banal, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t insidious.  Continue reading here…..


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