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Continuing Lies My Wind Rep Told Me: Wind Industry Takes Eagle Fatalities Seriously

In a possible continuing series on the constant lies and misleading information the wind industry reps put out, todays article  is by the VP of public affairs for the AWEA.  Perhaps due to the mounting pressure from bird conservation groups, they must feel the need to start doing some damage control.

What is interesting, is that in spite of the fact that he claims that they take this issue seriously, Mr. Kelley goes on to downplay and minimize the number of eagle deaths caused by wind turbines.

I really encourage any of you who are well educated and informed on these topics to leave a comment at the bottom of these articles (NOT here on Quixotes but on the original publication).  It’s our duty, as part of our war on this assault by this corrupt industry, to keep shining the spotlight on their lies. — DQ


Wind industry takes eagle fatalities seriously

Peter Kelley — Watertown Daily Times — February 11, 2014

Regarding the Times’ recent editorial (“License to kill,” Jan. 27), wind energy is one of the most environmentally benign ways to generate electricity including for wildlife, and it’s also one of the fastest, cheapest, largest-scale ways to avert climate change, which experts agree is the greatest threat to all wildlife including eagles.

It is important to understand that the eagle “take” permit is available to all industries that can affect eagles, not just wind energy, and is available only under carefully controlled conditions — after all steps have been taken to first avoid and then minimize the potential for impacts to the greatest extent possible.

Further, impacts must be fully offset, meaning there is no net loss to the eagle population.

The permit program was originally authorized by Congress decades ago and was first proposed in a draft rule in 2007 under President George W. Bush.

It is also important to recognize that there is already precedent for permits lasting three decades and even longer under the Endangered Species Act, which is viewed as the “gold standard” for wildlife protection.  Continue reading here….


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