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Ontario Liberals are rabid dogs when it comes to wind turbines. Where are all of the environmentalists?

We have a surplus of energy and regularly pay the States to take our excess power off our hands, yet these no-brain Liberals are continuing to approve hundreds of more wind turbines to be built.  Where are all of the environmental advocates???  Where are all of the eco-nuts??? Why aren’t they howling about the destruction and abuse of our land and resources for something that isn’t needed??  Massive green hypocrites, the lot of them. — DQ


From Wind Concerns Ontario

Wind power approvals pushing Ontario hydro bills up

By Parker Gallant
The provincial government would have us believe it is taking steps to manage rapidly rising electricity costs. Meanwhile, in the background, they are pushing 57 wind turbine projects through the Renewable Energy Approval process, projects  that will add $1.1 billion per year to Ontario’s electricity costs.  The impact of these turbine projects is 20 times the cost of the gas plant relocations.
The 230-megawatt  (MW) Niagara Region Wind Project proposed for West Lincoln and Wainfleet in the Niagara Region alone will add $78 million annually to Ontario’s electricity costs when approved.  The cost over its 20-year contract is $1.6 Billion.  Rather than declining or delaying these 57 projects, the provincial government continues to issue approvals and increasing electricity costs to levels that Ontario household and business users cannot afford.
In fact, wind power projects continue to be approved almost weekly despite Ontario’s current surplus of electricity.  Some operators of existing wind power generation facilities are actually being paid not to produce electricity, and neighbouring jurisdictions like New York and Michigan are being paid to take Ontario’s surplus power, which they in turn use to attract jobs away from Ontario with cheap electricity.  To create capacity on the grid for the expensive power generated by wind turbines, Ontario is also idling the Niagara hydro plants which in the past have powered Ontario’s economy by supplying cheap clean electricity.
The truth is that wind is not a reliable source of electric power.  In Ontario, wind turbines generate most of their electricity at night, and in the fall and winter months—exactly when we don’t need it. To provide the electricity needed by the province during the day, and in the hot summers, Ontario has had to supplement wind turbines with gas plants to provide electricity when the wind is not blowing.  This means that the average Ontario electricity user will not only pay about $230 annually for the cost of the wind turbine contracts but also another $200 annually to pay for the base costs of the gas plants needed to back them up.  Ontario electricity ratepayers could do a lot with that $430.   Continue reading here…..
Courtesy of Wind Victims Ontario

Courtesy of Wind Victims Ontario

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One Comment on “Ontario Liberals are rabid dogs when it comes to wind turbines. Where are all of the environmentalists?”

  1. Alfred Alexander February 11, 2014 at 8:36 pm #

    Thank you again for good info. Anyone who hate ‘wind’ can’t be all bad.

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