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Lies My Green Energy Rep Told Me

The article posted below on Mindscape Innovations by Derek Satnik is just another example of the outright lies and misleading information put forth by anyone connected with green (greed) energy.

Lie #1:  It has created 20,000 local jobs

Lie #2:  Ontario has to import energy on a regular basis from the States and neighbouring provinces

Lie #3: The resulting high electricity prices help to stimulate the economy because the money spent stays in the province.

Yeah, I know.  Your jaw drops, doesn’t it?  Not surprisingly, the comment section is censured so that anyone who wants to go on and tell the truth won’t be allowed.  No big surprise there.  It’s what all the ‘greens’ do. — DQ


Derek Satnik — Mindscape Innovations – February 16, 2014

How does the Green Energy Act create local jobs?

Whatever energy we use, someone will get paid. Most of our electricity is generated by one of a few large companies, like Bruce Nuclear or Ontario Power Generation, or any of the various gas power plants.  Many of Ontario’s power plants are privately held, and the money that Ontarians pay to them goes to their shareholders.

Ontario often needs to import power from our neighbor provinces and states, and in those cases Ontario energy dollars are paid to outside parties, and the money leaves Ontario. Instead of paying for imported electricity or paying corporate shareholders, the Green Energy and Green Economy Act enables us to pay ordinary Ontario citizens to produce clean electricity for us, while creating thousands of skilled, local jobs.

The money stays in Ontario, and after being used to pay Ontario residents, it gets spent again in Ontario to buy groceries and other goods, and that same money typically gets spent and respent seven times before it gets eaten away by sales taxes or it leaves the province (ie: for purchasing imported goods). This means that every $1 we spend buying electricity from an Ontarian actually creates $7 worth of in-province trade, and it stimulates the economy.

Rather than giving the money away to big corporations or outside parties, we can spend it on ourselves, over and over again. That means that we can afford to pay slightly higher rates (up to 7 times higher) for the same electricity, if we pay it to Ontarians, and especially if those Ontarians are selling us electricity which they made with Ontario-made solar panels, or Ontario-made wind turbines.

Click on the title to continue readinging the lies.

How does the Green Energy Act create local jobs?



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3 Comments on “Lies My Green Energy Rep Told Me”

  1. john February 16, 2014 at 1:38 pm #

    “Ontario’s politicians have been steadily increasing that number in speeches since then. Today Ontario’s politicians cite job numbers that have surpassed 30,000 in their speeches”

    How to tell if a politician is lying….see if the lips are moving

  2. 1957chev February 16, 2014 at 5:29 pm #

    I just went onto that website, and left a detailed critique, of every bull$hit statement that was made…..I submitted it, and they did not print it. CENSORED!!!!

  3. Cold Air February 17, 2014 at 10:18 am #

    Sorry Paul,
    I don’t have much patience for the “bucket brigade” nonsense again.
    The basic economic argument is the less efficiently something is done the more employment it creates. This is the opposite of wealth creation – with the expected results.

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