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Climatologist Dr. Tim Ball: Identified! Major Cause of Climate Change! (It’s the sun stupid)

Greg Corombos — WND Radio — February 17, 2014

Powerful forces at the United Nations, in national governments and inside the scientific community make life very difficult for scientists disputing the conventional wisdom on climate change, both personally and professionally, even though the real science is on the side of the skeptics.

That’s the assertion of Dr. Tim Ball, a former professor of climatology at the University of Winnipeg, who revealed the true cause of climate change in a radio interview for WND.

Ball is also author of “The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science.” In the first part of WND’s coverage on this story, Ball detailed how the modern climate-change movement finds its roots in the Malthusian notion that the population must be lowered to avoid running out of food and other resources. He said that theory led to the demonizing of industrialized nations and, in turn, fossil fuels and carbon dioxide in particular.

He also explained how Maurice Strong used his position as head of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, to set a political agenda purportedly backed up by the latest in climate science. Ball also said the U.N. then collaborated with the World Meteorological Organization to present the IPCC findings as settled science and shame or deny funding to any scientists who disagreed with their conclusions.

For scientists bold enough to speak out anyway, finding any interest from scientists or the media in hearing opposing viewpoints proved very difficult.

“It made the counter-argument almost impossible because one of the things they started is that they defeated the scientific method.

Scientists create hypotheses, and the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis was that humans are producing more CO2. If you increase CO2 in the atmosphere, the temperature will go up and, therefore, we can predict runaway global warming because humans are going to keep expanding their industries,” Ball explained.

“What would normally happen with a hypothesis is that other scientists would challenge that and those other scientists would challenge it as skeptics because all scientists are skeptics or should be,” said Ball, who noted that climate-change activists turned that natural, professional skepticism into a public buzzword that branded Ball and others as part of an ideological fringe.

“We were marginalized in blocking the scientific method. And then, of course, we were marginalized because of public relations attacks based on who was funding us or what our agenda was,” he said.  To listen to interview and continue reading click here….


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