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Quiet Nights: Municipalities seek to protect health of residents near turbines

Rick Conroy — Wellington Times — February 21, 2013

Coalition of municipalities seek to protect health and safety of residents near industrial wind turbines

It’s a simple plan. But it may be just the thing to slow down the epidemic of industrial wind turbines spreading across rural Ontario. Warren Howard is a councillor in the municipality of North Perth and lives in Listowel. He is a retired banker and understands bureaucratic processes better than most. He thinks he has come up with a way to thwart the provinces heavy handed Green Energy Ac(GEA).

Howard’s plan is to create a bulletproof municipal bylaw that prohibits industrial noise in a rural area at night. That’s it. It sounds simple—and it is—but Howard has done his homework.

He has been working with municipal lawyer Kristi Ross. Together they have discovered that while the Green Energy Act took away virtually all the municipality’s tools to manage, control and oversee the construction of these massive structures in its community—it left intact provisions municipalities use to govern nuisance noise.

Howard believes any municipality may be able use these provisions to stop industrial wind development in its jurisdiction. He is looking to form a coalition of like-minded municipalities to jointly fund the crafting of a noise bylaw that will be enforceable and effective in discouraging industrial wind energy development, but won’t capture and impede other activities that may generate noise—such as agricultural operations.

It’s a fine line. Howard knows it. But he believes it can work.  Continue reading here…..

Courtesy of Wind Victims Ontario

Courtesy of Wind Victims Ontario

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One Comment on “Quiet Nights: Municipalities seek to protect health of residents near turbines”

  1. sandcanyongal February 21, 2014 at 10:00 pm #

    The bad news is that rural Ontario or Tehachapi where I live aren’t the only 2 places where the robber barons have been given the keys to build industrial wind and solar right up to our doorsteps. It’s all over the world. The U.S. has 1 desert. There are huge solar plants replacing virgin land and fallow and prime farmland. The most fragile ecosystems and endangered plants and species of animals are summarily losing their habitats and breeding area to the point where they will become extinct. Why? So we can play on our computers and smart phones!

    I live on the edge of the Mojave desert on natural land. It’s spiritual so see this year’s butterflies, bugs and moths in cocoons and squirming under rocks, white foamy blots on the branches of rubber rabbit brush, a tarantula hawk pulling a stung tarantula to wherever. Folk that live in cities have no clue about nature and where it fits in to our own survival.

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