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Are Liberal / NDP voters willing to put their money where their mouthes are? Highly unlikely.

Letter to the Editor — Chatham Daily News — February 24, 2014

Sir: Tax filing season is upon us and I am once again reminded of an opportunity for those in our province who believe more taxation is a good thing and the provincial government is a wise spender of tax dollars to step forward.

As our province slides into fiscal oblivion and the esteemed Premier Kathleen Wynne searches frantically for ‘new revenue tools’ it is imperative that all my fellow citizens who vote Liberal or NDP personally intervene to demonstrate to the rest of us their zeal to stand behind their convictions.

The easiest method I can think of is for such people to instruct those preparing their tax returns to forgo any eligible refund and designate those monies to go to help keep the overpriced civil service ‘gainfully’ employed.

Indeed, why stop there? Personal exemption, who needs that money when our provincial government is in such dire straits?

All those other deductions should be quickly disavowed by our socialist voting Ontarians who see government as the deliverer of utopian good will.

Alas, dear editor, I surmise I dream a fool’s dream. All those voters will seek out every dollar in tax reduction like the rest of us.

They may believe government is the solution to the many maladies facing our once great province but when it comes down to putting their money where their mouth is their hypocrisy is laid bare for all to see. They would much rather use the confiscatory power of the tax bureau to take my wealth to use for their pet project or vested interest.


Where are the real leaders by example when we need them?

Dale Maris, Croton


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