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A climate of deception, deceit, lies and outright dishonesty.


When I was a young man, a deeply cynical older person told me that all experience did was tell you what wasn’t possible. It wasn’t true then, it’s not true now and amounts to nothing more than a philosophy of despair by people who’ve essentially given up. You do have to wonder about people so petty as to try to crush the natural optimism of youth. What I found is that experience actually gives you a loose collection of templates, patterns if you will, which we use to make decisions on incomplete or fuzzy data.

They’re what we use when we make judgement calls and as we get older, we do tend to act on them quicker. That’s perhaps a bad thing but if you’ve got a reasonably successful batting rate, you’d be silly to ignore that voice inside you. We use them consciously and unconsciously and sometimes with little or hardly…

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