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The Trojan Horse – the single turbine!


Single Spies They Come, The Wind Turbines Ravaging The Land.

charles CloverBy Charles Clover

A great friend has a house with lovely views over the Essex countryside. As he shaves in the morning he looks out over undulating fields and woods towards the sea. It is a landscape he has worked all his life to live in and of which he is rightly proud. Recently he heard that someone is proposing to erect a single 200ft wind turbine within that view. He is not a happy man.

The thing about a single big wind turbine is that it causes the maximum blight to the landscape with the minimum benefit to the planet. Its effect on the eye is greater than any number of subsequent turbines with which the wind farm industry may subsequently invade the view, using this as a Trojan horse. It turns a vista without visual intrusion into what…

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