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Images: Red-tailed hawk killed by an Ontario wind turbine

Tip o’ the hat to Scott Luft from Cold Air

From Canadian Raptor Conservancy – March 6, 2014

Very graphic (apologies) but MUST be seen.  This is a wild adult Red Tailed Hawk from Haldimand County Ontario that was struck yesterday by a wind turbine.  People that say that birds of prey will avoid wind turbines….here is conclusive e…vidence that it is not true.  This Red Tailed Hawk has a crushed skull and both wings are broken.  It was brought into our rehab unit when people found it on a walk directly below a turbine.  It has gravel stuck in its feathers from where it was slammed to the ground at the turbine base.  The unfortunate part about this aside from the obvious loss of life is that this is an adult male that is most likely over 6 years old and would be the local breeding male to the area.  The pair would be in courtship right now.  The wind turbines are put up to protect the environment but they seem to have the opposite effect.  I wonder how many raptor species get killed and go undetected.  I think we should be asking for 3rd party monitoring of these machines so we can see what is actually going on.  It seems that the studies done before they go up are very misleading.  If you find a bird injured or killed by a turbine – please document and then report.
red tailed hawk2
red tailed hawk
red tailed hawk

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2 Comments on “Images: Red-tailed hawk killed by an Ontario wind turbine”

  1. 1957chev March 6, 2014 at 4:31 pm #

    For over a year I have been saying that 24 hr. surveillance cameras, with infra-red capabilities, and a zoom lens, should be set up in buildings close to the wind turbines, with live streaming onto a U-tube site. Fundraisers, or money from the municipality should cover the costs, which are minimal, in comparison to the glaring truth that they will show to the world.


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