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P Kuster: “When Will Stupid People Stop Listening to Stupid People?”

     In the summer of 1967, my parents thought it would be a swell idea to pack up the family and head off to Montreal for Expo67. It didn’t reach the level of a National Lampoon script, but it was an interesting trip.
     Being from Ontario, we spent a lot of time in the Ontario pavillion. It was there I saw the movie “North of Superior” and I was hooked.  We had relatives in Thunder Bay and every once in awhile we’d make the trip by car along the north shore of Superior.  That hook was set even deeper.  So much so, that I chose to attend Lakehead U over the U of Toronto.  That provided many other opportunities to make the drive again.   Since then, I’ve enjoyed camping trips to Pancake Bay and Neys PP.
     So whenever articles come up regarding Lake Superior, my eyes immediately take particular notice.   Which brings us to the article that caught my attention this morning.   It’s about the effects climate change would have on what is considered the largest freshwater lake in the world….Superior.  Click to view the Oct/13 article,

“Climate Change Causing Lake Superior To Warm ‘Faster Than Any Lake On The Planet”

      Now if the lake is warming at such an alarming rate, how could this, be possible?

     There are so many contradictions in this piece, but my favourite is the introduction of Walleye into a lake considered too frigid previously and therefore Walleye supposedly hadn’t existed?  I guess the US Fish and Wildlife Service didn’t know what they were talking about in this 2001 report about a rehabilitation plan for walleye populations that declined in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s due to over harvest, habitat degradation, river damming, etc. (No mention of ‘climate change’).  Talk about messing with an ecosystem.  Now, with the ice cover and a cooling lake, will all these ‘introduced’ Walleye die off?
     When will the time come that stupid people stop listening to stupid people?  We’re constantly told about “tipping points” that don’t come to pass. We see solutions imposed like wind turbines that desecrate landscapes worthy of a Group of Seven painting, to which results have shown, accomplish nothing.
     Why are you listening to these people?
Paul Kuster

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