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Hundreds of business owners across Ontario petition Wynne Liberals to “stop the lies”

(Editor’s Note:  You know your government has gone just about as low as it can go, when people start petitioning them to stop lying, as evidenced by this next article.  Not about wind, but the message is the same. — DQ)

Business owners in 57 towns and cities across Ontario have petitioned the Ontario Liberals to stop lying

Canada News Wire — March 11, 2014

A rising number of retailers across the province have been emailing and faxing signed Petitions to Premier Wynne – demanding a say on proposed legislation that directly impact their lives and livelihoods. They are essentially demanding from their elected officials – integrity, respect and accountability.

With Government Bill 131(Youth Smoking Prevention Act, 2013) and Private Member Bill 149 (Health Statute Law Amendment Act (Healthy Decisions Made Easy), 2014) – the government of Ontario is setting a very dangerous precedent by endeavouring to essentially legislate lies into laws, says Luc Martial, VP Government Affairs at Casa Cubana.

On the issue of flavoured tobacco products, the government of Ontario has been finger-pointing legitimate business owners across the province as people who target, depend on and profit from the sale of tobacco products to kids. These Bills, which greatly question their business ethics, threaten their investments, undermine their rights and undermine their customers’ rights – were introduced and have been progressing through the Legislative Assembly largely without their knowledge or encouraged involvement.  Continue reading here….


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