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MUST READ: PEC resident pulls no punches in letter to MOE re Amherst Island 36-turbine wind project

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[Name withheld]
Senior Project Evaluator
Ontario Ministry of the Environment
Environmental Approvals Branch

Dear [Name withheld],

Re: EBR 012-0774
Amherst Island Windlectric IWT project.

I am writing to tell you that I oppose the IWT project planned for Amherst Island. What I would like you to tell me is why I am having to write again for the third time to express that view. Your government has clearly not been listening. Not only are they wasting my tax dollars … they are wasting my time.

There should be no need to go into detail (again) about Amherst Island’s Globally Significant Important Bird Area on a key migratory flyway; habitat for thirty four species at risk; Provincially Significant Coastal Wetland; endangered cultural and historical heritage; physical and psychological harm to the health of island residents, including school children, coupled with the loss of value in their…

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