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Climate trends don’t back up alarmist claims

Gordon J. Fulks — Oregon Live — March 15, 2014

Keeping score is an American sport. We want to know if our favorite baseball player has hit another home run or if our politicians really do as they promised or if the National Weather Service got the forecast correct. We cheer the winners and lament the losers.  Its part of our competitive spirit and our success.

The recent front page Oregonian article “Fall Chinook salmon run expected to be huge…” pointed out the enormous rebound of our local fisheries from the lows of a few years back to the record highs recently.  Journalist Conrad Wilson tells us that biologists are predicting a record 1.6 million fish will return to the Columbia River this fall. Because he twice calls this number “unprecedented,” one might wonder if he works for the Obama administration. But far from the administration’s practice, Wilson gives us good news and includes the batting average of the scientists involved:  1.2 million Chinook returned to the Columbia last year, nearly double what biologists predicted.  They seem to be accurate within a factor of two.  That’s not bad.

What a contrast with a similar front page Oregonian story six years ago, where journalist Michael Milstein all but predicted the complete demise of the salmon, victims of global warming: “Warming could fry salmon.” This was one of many fishy stories hawking relentless warming and the “ocean dead zones” made famous by OSU Professor Jane Lubchenco.

It was very fashionable politicized science, designed to scare the gullible and make way for those who promised expensive “solutions.”  Protests that it was fake science were ignored.  Protests that the global and Northwest climates were actually stable to cooling were denounced. Oregon State Climatologist George Taylor was forced out for daring to differ with Gov. Ted Kulongoski.  Professor Phil Mote from the University of Washington was installed as the new team captain to tell the manager what he demanded to hear.  Continue to read here….


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