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Survey shows wind farms are damaging Scottish mountain tourism

The Galloway Gazette — March 17, 2014

The Scottish Government is being called on to act now to protect wild lands as a survey reveals that wind farms in mountain areas are damaging a key area of tourism.


The call from Scotland’s representative body for mountaineering comes ahead of a debate at Holyrood when MSPs will discuss the Draft Third National Planning Framework (NPF3).

A survey of nearly 1,000 climbers and hill walkers, carried out by the Mountaineering Council of Scotland, revealed that 68% say parts of Scotland are now less appealing because of wind farms. Around two thirds have already been put off by wind farms from visiting or revisiting places in Scotland they had visited before.

Over four-fifths of respondents said there must be protection for National Parks, National Scenic Areas and Core Areas of wild land. Two-thirds want buffer zones so developers cannot spoil these special areas by placing industrial-scale wind farms around their perimeters.

And 67% say wind farms are making Scotland as a whole a less appealing place to visit.

The findings (see summary in Notes for Editors) come as large electricity generation and other renewables companies lobby the Scottish Government to abandon proposals for stronger planning guidelines (part of the NPF3 process) which would offer some extra protection for wild lands.

David Gibson, MCofS Chief Officer, said: “The survey results are a stark warning to the Scottish Government – badly sited wind farms are a serious threat to Scotland’s reputation as a tourism destination. The more that are built in our mountains, the more visitors are put off.  Continue reading here….. 


One Comment on “Survey shows wind farms are damaging Scottish mountain tourism”

  1. Brian Carmichael March 17, 2014 at 2:29 pm #

    An organisation such as the Scottish Government will never have qualities such as respect
    They only have ” qualities” to overrule and disregard
    They will not be anyway bothered about a request to explain themselves
    It’s not their style. People with no conscience don’t care

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