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Germans Fight Against the Wind Turbine Craze

(Thanks to the German site “Gegen Schiessanlage Wünsdorf” for this article.  Translated using Google Translator so my apologies if it’s not word-for-word accurate and hopefully it can be understood. Check out the last two paragraphs and file those under “Lies my German Wind Industry told us” — DQ)

Daniel Wetzel — Die Welt — March 27, 2014

The resistance against wind turbines is a mass movement.  A Germany-wide alliance is defending itself against the construction of new facilities – especially if they occur precisely in conservation areas.

The Werra-Meißner-Kreis in North Hesse is listed, according to the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, as one of 30 hotspots of biodiversity in Germany.  Meanwhile there will turn here 15 wind turbines.  Soon it will be 50, in the Natural Park Kaufunger forest, right on Mother Hulda path.

In Rißnei Valley in North Rhine-Westphalia, wind turbines will be constructed in a “water protection zone II” for the first time. This is usually protected as the “land use, with injury of upper soil layers” and prohibited from any construction.   Yet when it comes to several thousand tons of heavy concrete foundations for the wind industry, environmental regulations apparently do not apply.

Even in the largest contiguous forest in Germany, (the Palatinate Forest), glades will soon be beaten down through the biosphere reserve and paths bulldozed for the extremely heavy trucks that will haul up to 150 meters high metal towers across the mountain ranges.

A nationwide alliance has now joined forces for the first time against the encroachment of the wind turbines in more touristy areas as well as landscape and nature conservation areas.

“Power of Reason” has connected 343 citizen initiatives from all over Germany to fight against the proliferation of wind turbines.

Against wind turbines in nature reserves

In the whole of Germany, some 500 citizens’ groups against wind power projects have already been formed, estimates Nicolai Ziegler, Chairman of “Power of Reason” and new ones are added daily, currently in Hesse and Bavaria.

Only last weekend, 40 citizens’ initiatives alone in North Rhine-Westphalia have come together  – and they are all supporters in Berlin registered under an umbrella organization.

This nationwide community of interest shall be fighting for an energy policy that concerns moving “the welfare of the people, the conservation of nature and habitat and the preservation of the economic base” to the forefront.   Precisely for this reason the Power of Reason members want “the abolition of the Renewable Energy Law” and the “Stop the subsidized expansion of wind power and photovoltaics.”

The leaders of this initiative include engineers, agronomists, biologists, strategy consultants, including a veteran of the conservation movement – Baron Enoch zu Guttenberg. The former co-founder of the German Environment and Nature Conservation is now fighting the “wind power development that is against all reason.”

Individually, the citizens’ initiatives in recent years have fought unsuccessfully hundreds of times against the respective wind farm projects on their doorsteps.   Now as a nationwide association, there is finally confidence they’ll be able to turnaround the German energy policy .

Action under time pressure

A petition to be given to the German Bundestag on April 3rd, the initiative aims to have 50,000 signatures in order to turn the preference of wind turbines from the Federal Building.

“In places where you really cannot put up Pommesbüdchen, they’re allowed to build 200-meter high wind turbines.   The building law privilege makes it possible”, it says on the Power of reason website: ” Let’s finally end this.”

Citizens feel disenfranchised

Introduced by the former Federal Environment Minister Angela Merkel by burden of proof in the Building Code “, a law was created.  The law outranked the right of an individual over the collective right of entire communities and many citizens of a region ” criticized Krummeck .

Because of that clause, most legal objections to wind farm projects have failed so far.  “We finally want equality of rights.”

The goal on 3 April to bring together 50,000 signatures is ambitious.   The new initiative, supported by volunteers and so far going on without professional legal assistance, found themselves suddenly confronted with an extremely tight deadline of the Petitions Committee of the Bundestag.

Nevertheless, the organizers did not want to go back now: http://www.ber.de.   On the internet offer the Power of Reason – supporters have now put up a signature list to download and the possibility to sign online.

“Protect our people, our nature and the environment against this current wind turbine delusion,”  it says.   “Sign this petition and thus ensure the entry into an orderly energy transition policy by renewable energy.

Prominent supporters

In politics, the energy transition has found its first supporters. The former Federal Minister and CDU General Secretary Heiner Geissler is one of the signatories of the petition, the Member of Parliament Helmut Heiderich or Group vice of the CDU in the Landtag of Rhineland-Palatinate, Christian Baldauf.

The German Wind Energy Association said in Berlin that there has been “no extremely large increase in the number of citizens’ initiatives against wind turbines.”  The complaints from residents about wind turbines in Schleswig-Holstein had now become less.

Nevertheless, we take “the existing activities of the wind energy opponents of course seriously,” said a spokesman for the wind power association. The industry association encourages project planners to always “dialogue with the citizens to provide opportunities for direct participation.”


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