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Video: President of Space and Science Research Center Exposes Global Warming Fraud

Tip o’ the hat to C. Berg. . . . . . . .

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Small Victory

Rick Conroy — Wellington Times — March 21, 2014 OMB grants 12-year-old appeal In the summer of 2002, Mayor James Taylor signed a bylaw that would mark the beginning of a conflict that continues to churn through this community 12 years later. It wasn’t exactly the County’s first brush with industrial wind turbines. Council had […]

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Ontario to Follow Germany in Renewable Energy Failure

Brady Yauch — Energy Probe — March 21, 2014 Germany has been experimenting with its renewable energy law for 14 years and is now highlighting its failures. Ontario, which copied that law, will likely do the same.  Ontario passed the Green Energy Act in 2009 in a bid to create a thriving renewable energy sector […]

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Confessions of a Regretful Wind Farm Leaseholder

(from South Australia) Open Letter on our wind farm experiences In 2011, a Senate committee recommended that urgent testing be conducted on industrial wind turbines with respect to their health effects on nearby residents. To date, no such testing by government funded organisations has been carried out. At around the same time, the NHMRC recommended […]

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Will The American Physical Society Be The First Major Scientific Institution To Reject the AGW ‘Consensus’?

The American Physical Society (APS) has signalled a dramatic turnabout in its position on “climate change” by appointing three notorious climate skeptics to its panel on public affairs (POPA). James Delingpole — — March 20, 2014 They are: Professor Richard Lindzen, formerly Alfred P Sloan Professor of Meteorology at Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT), […]

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Poster of the Week: Ontarians fleeing a sinking ship

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Video: Testimony before the Michigan Senate Energy Committee regarding wind turbine effects

Kevon Martis discusses all the usual problems with wind turbines — health effects, wildlife, energy costs, lies told by the wind industry, etc. . . . . . .

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How Wind and Solar Energy Places Extreme Hardship on the World’s Poorest

Tip o’ the hat to M. K. Barton The Poverty of Renewables Bjørn Lomborg — Project Syndicate — March 17, 2014 According to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, “Climate change harms the poor first and worst.” This is true, because the poor are the most vulnerable and have the least resources with which to adapt. But we often […]

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Physicist Howard Hayden’s Disproof of Global Warming Claims

Ludwig von Mises Institute Howard C. Hayden 785 S. McCoy Drive Pueblo West, CO 81007 October 27, 2009 The Honorable Lisa P. Jackson, Administrator Environmental Protection Agency 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington, DC 20460 Dear Administrator Jackson: I write in regard to the Proposed Endangerment and Cause or Contribute Findings for Greenhouse Gases Under Section 202(a) […]

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Vote “no” against wind turbines in Lake Erie

Click here to go to poll.

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Japan abandons carbon targets as research shows climate change not caused by humans

Climate Change Nothing to do with Humans Belfast Newsletter (UK) — March 19, 2014 Recent satellite evidence from the Japanese climate satellite IBUKU shows that the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is coming from temperature-induced high vegetation equatorial regions of the earth and not from human use of fossil fuels in Europe, UK or US. […]

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European Governments ripping up renewable contracts. Why can’t Ontario?

Brady Yauch — Financial Post — Maruch 18, 2014 Companies ‘do not have a right [to expect the compensation] not to be changed’ Governments across Europe, regretting the over-generous deals doled out to the renewable energy sector, have begun reneging on them. To slow ruinous power bills hikes, governments are unilaterally rewriting contracts and clawing […]

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Citizens’ march planned in West Grey

Originally posted on WIND CONCERNS ONTARIO: On Wordpress:
The community of West Grey, facing a wind power project by NextEra, and legal action by the company against the municipality, is planning a march on Saturday, March 29th 1:30 PM Durham Town Hall

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Video: Australian senator speaks out against the corruption of the wind industry

From National Wind Watch  (Transcript below video) Author:  John Madigan Tonight I rise to speak on the relationship between a community and their doctors and how that relationship has been bastardised. But first I will give the chamber some background. In January 2012, researchers at the renowned Stanford School of Medicine published a report that found […]

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Australian Medical Association: A National Disgrace

Originally posted on STOP THESE THINGS:
Recently the Australian Medical Association (AMA) released a disgraceful position statement in relation to wind farm noise and health. This is Dr Sarah Laurie’s cutting response. AMA statement on wind farms and health Sarah Laurie 14 March 2014 Dear Dr Hambleton and Professor Dobb, I will be formally writing to…

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