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Ohio residents angry over destruction of State’s natural beauty by wind turbines

Logan County residents voice displeasure over proposed wind turbines

Craig Kelly —  Lima Ohion.com — March 29, 2014

RUSSELLS POINT — A large crowd of concerned residents gathered Saturday at the Indian Lake Community Church hall in Russells Point to attend a meeting outlining the negative impact of wind turbines set to be installed in the area as part of the Scioto Ridge Wind Project.

“There are turbines that would be put a quarter-mile from Indian Lake,” organizer Don Eggenschwiller said. “These will be visible from every part of Indian Lake.”

Eggenschwiller and other concerned residents maintain that these 176 turbines now being considered for construction in Hardin and Logan Counties will deface the natural beauty of the landscape, including Indian Lake State Park.

“This is the state’s crown jewel for inland water,” Eggenschwiller said. “We can’t believe that the governor won’t step up and help us stop this and that they are just willing to let this go forward.”

That will greatly reduce property values, according to new resident Kelley Campbell.

“Our neighborhood is a brand new, exclusive development with 52 homes,” she said. “We have our own boat ramp, our own beaches, a pool and clubhouse. We just got started. There are only three of us that live there. We’re in full economic recovery, still building models, trying to ramp it up. We’re going to be looking straight at these turbines. My problem is that this is not what any of us moved there to look at or listen to on our decks when we go out.”

Campbell and her husband invested their entire life savings into their new house, and these turbines threaten to ruin that investment.  Continue reading here….



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