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McGuinty’s Island

(To the tune of Gilligan’s Island)


Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale.

A tale of a F*@#ed up trip

That started in Toronto

Aboard a Liberal ship.


The mate was a mighty 

The Premier a slimey liar

Ontario set sail that day

For an eleven year tour. An eleven year tour.


The voters started getting rough

The Liberals were going to be tossed

If not for the moving of the gas plants

The election would be lost, the Liberals would have been tossed


The Dalton Gang got elected 
for another 5 year tour

With the Quitter

And Bentley too

With Billions Gone and more to come

The Gas Plant signer

Dwight Duncan and Deb Matthews

Here on McGuinty’s Isle


So this is the tale of the Dalton Gang

They’re here for a long long time

They’ve made the absolute worst of things

It’ll be an uphill climb.


Sousa and Chiarelli too, 
will do their very best

to make sure that they finish the job

Of this Ontariowe mess


No heat, no lights, less health care

Not a single luxury

Like Greece or Detroit

Prosperity is history


So join us here each week my friends

You’ll never smile again

The Dalton Gang’s made sure of it

Here on McGuinty’s island.

(Thanks to madmoterman for the inspiration)

McGuinty's Island


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