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Manitoba Not Falling for the Wind Energy Scam — No Plans for any Wind Projects

“There’s no prospective view of any future wind farms to be built in the province”

Bruce Owen – Winnipeg Free Press — April 4, 2014

The plug has been pulled on a proposed 175-megawatt wind farm near Manitou that would add more alternative energy to Manitoba and be a boon to farmers, a U.S. firm said.

“There’s no prospective view of any future wind farms to be built in the province,” said Ed Pakulak, the Canadian spokesman for U.S.-based Competitive Power Ventures (CPV). “The focus is hydroelectric power.”

The planned wind farm, next to the 63 turbines at St. Leon, had been in the works for three years, but never advanced past the proposal stage.
Tentative agreements were in place with about 25 landowners for turbines on their properties and with the RM of Thompson. CPV is one of about a dozen wind companies with plans to bring more turbines to the province.

“It had the potential to have a huge impact on our community,” Reeve Jason Vanstone said. “It would have increased our municipal revenues by about 45 per cent. It’s not only income for our tax base, but income for a lot families in the area.”

Landowner Philip Barclay said the wind farm would have created jobs. “The province is supposed to be open for business, but when you try to do something, you get the cold shoulder from a government monopoly.”

Proponents say Manitoba Hydro is concentrating on building two new mega-generating stations in the north and believes wind is unreliable during our cold winters.

CPV’s decision to pull out of Manitoba comes as the Public Utilities Board studies Hydro’s bid to build the Keeyask and Conawapa generating stations and a new transmission line to the United States. Hydro says the three projects will cost about $20 billion, but should pay for themselves with increased electricity exports to the American Midwest, where a number of old coal plants are being retired.  Continue reading here….


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2 Comments on “Manitoba Not Falling for the Wind Energy Scam — No Plans for any Wind Projects”

  1. 1957chev April 4, 2014 at 7:24 pm #

    At least people will have somewhere to go when the Liberals have destroyed this province!

    • Donna Quixote April 4, 2014 at 8:28 pm #

      There’s a lot of people already moving out of the province. Guess Manitoba is looking better and better, in spite of the cold.

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