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Must Read Eco Report: “North America’s Beauty Under Attack by Renewable Energy Pollution”


Ingo Oevermann — The Eco Report — March 29, 2014

I am interested in most alternative energy systems and innovations, and since reading Steve Heckeroth’s fabulous article on the potential for solar technology in Mother Earth News in 2006 or 2007, I have become ever more interested in the advances in solar panels and water heating.

But I am more, than anything, very appreciative of the beauty of nature, and when I travel in Canada and the U.S.A., I am constantly appalled by the trashy way many north Americans mistreat nature and the landscape. This is regularly driven home to me by the many Europeans I meet each summer, when they marvel at the scenic wonders we have to offer.

That beauty, which they revere, and we take for granted as inexhaustible, is at very serious risk of being totally destroyed, because we are very poor stewards, and we do so many thoughtless things to abuse and destroy it.

Our highways and backroads are littered with garbage by uncaring people, our best forest lands are clear cut and too often left unplanted, or turned into more cow pastures, our rivers are dammed at the expense of fisheries, we leave all kinds of old equipment and vehicles littering the landscape,we cover the entrances to every town with ugly and unnecessary billboards, our beaches and oceans are afloat with trash and, on, and endlessly on.

Today, we are starting to see a new type of pollution – ‘alternative energy’; massive wind farms and massive solar fields covering once beautiful areas.The wind farms with their ugly towers and huge HAWT’s (horizontal axis wind turbines – the usual ‘windmills’) are destroying once beautiful vistas which should be preserved, enhanced or even replanted with vegetation. If we continue on the current path, we will see only increasing attacks on valuable lands, ugliness of the landscapes and larger utility companies. (Continue reading here and I encourage you to leave a comment at the bottom of their article thanking them)



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