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Another Example of How the More Man Tries to “Fix” Nature, the More We Screw it Up.

Leave Nature alone!  Let it do what it does naturally to correct things.  When are we ever going to learn?  Tip O’ the Hat to Ocotillo Wind Turbine Destruction for the article. – DQ

Bad News for Big Desert Solar: Arid Lands Absorb Huge Amounts of Greenhouse Gases.

Chris Clarke — ReWire — April 7, 2014

The debate over whether utility-scale solar projects are right for desert public lands just got more complicated. A new study shows that undisturbed desert landscapes absorb a fair amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, potentially helping to lessen climate change.

And according to the study, those landscapes may well sequester even more greenhouse gases as the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere increases.

The study, which has run for ten years on research plots in the Mojave Desert in southern Nevada, indicates that arid lands worldwide may sequester as much as eight percent of humankind’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Previous research had indicated that desert landscapes might well be absorbing a significant amount of CO2 from the atmosphere, but the findings were controversial. Work in the Gubantonggut Desert in China and in the Mojave published in 2008 suggested that desert landscapes may well be taking up atmospheric CO2. But critics pointed out that in order for that to be the case, the carbon dioxide would have to be readily detectable in the soil, either as organic matter or as carbonate compounds.

Think of it this way: forests can sequester lots of CO2, but it’s no mystery where it goes: into the wood, bark, and forest floor soil. Deserts generally don’t seem to have huge reservoirs of carbon compounds one can point to as possible destinations for sequestered atmospheric CO2.  Continue reading here…..


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