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Netherlands Opening Three New Coal Fired Power Plants


By Paul Homewood

h/t Alex Henney

Construction site MPP3 unit © E.ON

E.ON Benelux power station Maasvlakte, Rotterdam

As well as the tranche of new coal fired power stations being opened in Germany this year, Alex Henney alerts me to a similar situation in the Netherlands, where three more have either opened last year, or will this year.

MW Capacity Year of
Maasvlakte Electrabel, Rotterdam 800 2013
Maasvlakte, E.ON, Rotterdam 1116 2014
Eemshaven, 1600 2014
TOTAL 3516

While, the plants are designed to use biomass as part of the load, coal will still be the main fuel. For instance, the Eemshaven plant biomass can only provide up to 10% of the mix.

According to Wiki, prior to Maasvlakte Electrolabel’s commissioning, there were four coal plants, with a capacity of 2698 MW, so even if all these shut down in the near future, the three new ones will serve to increase coal fired capacity.

The three…

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