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Climate Change Minister Says We Must Stop Eating Baked Beans to Fight Global Warming

(Tip o’ the hat to M.K. Barton)

Matt Chorley — Daily Mail (UK) — April 9, 2014

  • Cut back on eating baked beans to reduce ‘smelly emissions’: Minister’s bizarre tip in battle to tackle climate change
  • Labour peer Viscount Simon raises fears about impact of flatulence
  • Brits eat more baked beans than any other country, he claims
  • Questions whether ‘smelly emissions’ are included in official calculations
  • Climate change minister Lady Verma says we must ‘moderate behaviour’

People should eat fewer baked beans to reduce flatulence which can contribute to global warming, a minister suggested today.   Fears were raised about the impact of ‘smelly emissions’ caused by Brits eating more beans than any other country in the world.   Climate change minister Lady Verma said it was an ‘important’ issue and urged the public to ‘moderate our behaviour’.

Concerns have previously been raised about the effect of methane emissions from cows on global warming.
But in the House of Lords today a Labour peer raised questions about the impact of human diet on emmisions.
Viscount Simon, 73, a Labour peer who has been a member of the House of Lords for more than 20 years, voiced his fears about the ‘smelly emissions’.

Lord Simon said: ‘In a programme some months ago on the BBC it was stated that this country has the largest production of baked beans and the largest consumption of baked beans in the world.’  He asked Lady Verma: ‘Could you say whether this affects the calculation of global warming by the Government as a result of the smelly emission resulting therefrom?’

Lady Verma described his question as ‘so different’ but she appeared to suggest that people should think twice about over-indulging in baked beans or any food which causes flatulence.
She added: ‘You do actually raise a very important point, which is we do need to moderate our behaviour.’   Continue reading here…..


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