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Wind Energy — Free and Clean? Actual World Data Proves Otherwise

High numbers of wind turbines equals the highest electricity rates.

Tip of the hat to the Galileo Movement for this chart.

This chart uses data from 2011.  Ontario, which has seen several rate hikes since then is not on this chart, but is lumped in with the rest of Canada.  However, we  know that Ontario (the province with the most wind turbines in Canada) also has the highest rates, so if it were listed separately, it would be much higher up on the graph.

Notice also that California and Texas, 2 states that have heavily invested in wind turbines, are much higher on the list than states that haven’t.

Interesting to note that the countries with the most wind turbines also have the highest electricity prices. Among the top 10 countries with the highest rates are Denmark, Germany, Australia and Norway, all of which are world leaders in wind turbines blanketing their lands.

As noted a couple of weeks ago, those same places have seen a dramatic rise in their CO2 emissions.  Thus proving that 2 of the main reasons for switching to wind, according to the wind energy associations around the world — CHEAP or FREE energy that also helps to reduce CO2 emissions — are complete lies.

When is this corrupt industry going to be exposed for the liars and con artists that they are?  But more importantly, why are our politicians and governments going along with this corruption? Money?  Political influence?  Eco lobbyists?


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