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Former Liberal MP is a turbine leaseholder at the new Bluewater Wind Farm. Quelle Surprise!!

Bluewater Wind Farm creates divide in community

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CTV news (London) — April 16, 2014

Construction is underway on 37 wind turbines just south of Bayfield.  Once complete, they’ll make up the Bluewater Wind Farm.   It’s a project that has divided the community, even families.

“I have cousins that have put up turbines and unfortunately we’re not talking right now,” says resident Mervin Steckle.  One of those cousins is Paul Steckle, the former Liberal MP is a turbine leaseholder.  He says he’s never seen an issue divide his community like wind turbines.

“To see the divisiveness within our own family name is not something that frankly I’m very proud of,” says Paul Steckle.  Turbines have touched a nerve not seen in rural Ontario since the introduction of hydro towers many decades ago.   Patti Kellar lives near St. Joseph, she will have 9 turbines within 2 km of her home.

“There was a bomb in someone’s driveway over a year ago. There was a bulldozer torched in this area. There’s a huge public safety concern and it’s growing,” says Kellar.
Resident Gordon Hill has lived in the region all of his life and watching his community crumble saddens and angers him.

“I have yet to hear somebody say, ‘I wish i had one on my property.’ I have never heard that. But I have talked to people who wish they hadn’t let them in,” he says.   Some worry about potential health issues including property devaluation, increasing hydro rates and the aesthetics.  Continue reading here….

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