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The Mind Tricks the Climate Alarmists Use to Prove Global Warming are Laughable.

I have just come from a Global Warming article where I have been in debate with the AGW cult believers.  One of the things they are using to “prove” global warming is the following chart which, at first glance looks quite terrifying.   The orange line is making a very sharp upward turn, indicating that the world is frying at an alarming rate.

“Never before in the history of the planet has it warmed up THIS fast,” admonished one of the eco-zealots.

But then, you look at the numbers to the left of the graph and realize, this is LESS than a 1 degree Celsius rise in 150 years.  Oh – my – god.


If they were to put this on a normal temperature chart with 1 degree increments, rather than 1/10th degrees, it would almost be a flatline.

Notice that the line also stops around 1998, right when the ‘warming’ stopped.

You know it’s a scam when they have to resort to tricks like this. — DQ

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