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“Save the World! Quit your Job!” Yep, you read that right.

NOW, the eco-zealots want us to stop working to save the planet.  That’s right.  Every hour that you work ‘cooks the planet”.

Tip o’ the hat to Climate Depot for this little gem.

Well, it appears to be a slow week for the AGW alarmists.  We’ve already been told to stop eating meat because of cow and pig flatulence.  Then we were told to stop eating any foods that caused human flatulence — beans, broccoli, cabbage, etc.  And they wonder why the world is tuning them out. — DQ


Rainbow Grocery — April 15, 2014

Save the world, work less. That dual proposition should have universal appeal in any sane society. And those two ideas are inextricably linked by the realities of global climate change because there is a direct connection between economic activity and greenhouse gas emissions.

Simply put, every hour of work we do cooks the planet and its sensitive ecosystems a little bit more, and going home to relax and enjoy some leisure time is like taking this boiling pot of water off the burner.

Most of us burn energy getting to and from work, stocking and powering our offices, and performing the myriad tasks that translate into digits on our paychecks. The challenge of working less is a societal one, not an individual mandate: How can we allow people to work less and still meet their basic needs?

This goal of slowing down and spending less time at work — as radical as it may sound — was at the center of mainstream American political discourse for much of our history, considered by thinkers of all ideological stripes to be the natural endpoint of technological development. It was mostly forgotten here in the 1940s, strangely so, even as worker productivity increased dramatically.

But it’s worth remembering now that we understand the environmental consequences of our growth-based economic system. Our current approach isn’t good for the health of the planet and its creatures, and it’s not good for the happiness and productivity of overworked Americans, so perhaps it’s time to revisit this once-popular idea.  Continue laughing, here….




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3 Comments on ““Save the World! Quit your Job!” Yep, you read that right.”

  1. AB April 19, 2014 at 12:17 pm #

    I hope these people don’t use their increased leisure time to enjoy their petroleum supplied vinyl lined swimming pools.

  2. sandcanyongal April 20, 2014 at 2:25 am #

    All the plastic, glass, metals, logged, post consumer and post commercial products, plus the fiberglass, concrete, metals and electronics of all the garbage wind turbines destroying our lands can be recycled and remade into new products. Recycle all gas and oil products. Lower the use of gas, coal and oil by 75%. This should be our priority, not embroil ourselves in wars half way around the world and heating the planet’s atmosphere to where it threatens to cause our extinction along with all other life forms. It’s time we evolve and act as stewards instead of the monsters in War of the Worlds.


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