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Ultra-revealing Article Explains how Pro-wind and Global Warming “Studies” Swamp the News Feeds

(This article explains a lot about why we see an article by someone like Simon Chapman repeated EVERYWHERE!!  And yet legitimate studies put out by the Acoustic Society or Canadian Physicians or any number of other credible reports barely see the light of day. — DQ)

It’s the ‘worst’ science paper ever — filled with plagiarism and garble — and journals are clamouring to publish it

Tom Spears — Postmedia News — April 24, 2014

OTTAWA — I have just written the world’s worst science research paper: More than incompetent, it’s a mess of plagiarism and meaningless garble.   Now science publishers around the world are clamouring to publish it.   They will distribute it globally and pretend it is real research, for a fee.    It’s untrue? And parts are plagiarized? They’re fine with that.

Welcome to the world of science scams, a fast-growing business that sucks money out of research, undermines genuine scientific knowledge, and provides fake credentials for the desperate.   And even veteran scientists and universities are unaware of how deep the problem runs.

When scientists make discoveries, they publish their results in academic journals. The journals review the discovery with independent experts, and if everything checks out they publish the work. This boosts the reputations, and the job prospects, of the study’s authors.

Many journals now publish only online. And some of these, nicknamed predatory journals, offer fast, cut-rate service to young researchers under pressure to publish who have trouble getting accepted by the big science journals.

In academia, there’s a debate over whether the predators are of a lower-than-desired quality. But Postmedia News’ experiment indicates much more: that many are pure con artists on the same level as the Nigerian banker who wants to give you $100-million.   Last year, science writer John Bohannon sent out a paper with subtle scientific errors and showed that predatory journals were often failing to catch them. Postmedia News covered his sting, published in Science magazine.

Estimates of their numbers range from hundreds to thousands.   To uncover bottom-feeding publishers, the simplest way was to submit something that absolutely shouldn’t be published by anyone, anywhere.

First I had to write it.

My short research paper may look normal to outsiders: A lot of big, scientific words with some graphs. Let’s start with the title: “Acidity and aridity: Soil inorganic carbon storage exhibits complex relationship with low-pH soils and myeloablation followed by autologous PBSC infusion.”

Look more closely. The first half is about soil science. Then halfway through it switches to medical terms, myeloablation and PBSC infusion, which relate to treatment of cancer using stem cells.  Continue reading here…..



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