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Hydro Rates for Small Business Almost Double After Smart Meter Installed

(Let’s face it.  These corrupt Liberals in Ontario who “claim” to care about the ‘little people’, don’t give a damn about anyone but their cronies and corporate buddies. It doesn’t matter that they’re driving small businesses into bankruptcy or across the border to the States.  What the hell is going on in this province?  The insanity meter is off the charts.  Another year or (God forbid) two and Ontario will not be able to recover from this Liberal incompetence, contempt and indifference. — DQ)

CTV  London — April 25, 2014

A small business owner west of London will have to pay more to find out if the smart meter installed before his hydro bills skyrocketed is faulty.
Gil Lanuza operates the Kilworth Variety and Gas Bar. In December 2013, he realized he hadn’t received a Hydro One bill for the last five months.
When he inquired he received a bill that far exceeded his expectations, Lanuza says, “For five months, I got $10,438, which shocked me!”

That was the total of the bill he received in Februrary. But for all of 2012 his bill was just over $13,000.
Lanuza blames the smart meter he was required to install, even though according to Hydro One “Sample testing of thousands of meters in the past six years has shown the meters to be 99.9 percent accurate.”

After contacting the company, Lanuza received a letter saying his meter was one of the faulty ones that needed to be replaced, but there was no mistake on his bill.

But Lanuza says “If I have a meter that there is a problem with that meter, how can I rely on that meter?!…And it has a problem, but they never told me what the problem is…they say it’s safety.”

Hydro One has admitted that smart meters have caused some over-billing, but the onus is on the customer to prove that they have been overbilled.  Continue reading here….

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