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The Fallacy of Wind Energy — Minimum Power at Astronomical Costs

Matthew Hurwitz — Milford Daily News — April 28, 2014

America uses 4,047,765,000 megawatt hours of electricity … 4.047 billion megawatt hours

The latest wind turbines produce a maximum of 2.5 megawatts when the wind speed is perfect.

Wind turbines start operating at wind speeds of 4 to 5 meters per second and reach maximum power at 15 meters per second. At very high wind speeds, around 25 meters per second, wind turbines shut down. Over the course of a year a wind turbine placed in an optimal location generates 30 percent of theoretical maximum output. So it takes approximately three times as many turbines as one would predict based on their 2.5 megawatt rating.

That works out to 4.86 billion turbines.

At $4 million each the cost would be $19.43 thousand trillion. To put that in perspective our national debt is a mere $17 trillion.

Replacing our electric generators with windmills would consume an amount equal to 1,143 times our national debt. That leaves out the cost of the additional grid to move power from the windmills, located in windy areas, to the cities where it is consumed. It also leaves out maintenance costs and the cost of money.  Continue reading here….


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