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Nova Scotia: Tempers Flare at Wind Turbine Meeting (Where Have We Heard This Before?)

Tip o’ the hat to Wind Energy’s Absurd for the find.

M Chiasson — Truro Daily — April 28, 2014

A public meeting this week regarding a wind turbine project for Greenfield and Lower Harmony quickly turned into a verbal confrontation between the developer and community residents.

About 70 people attended a public meeting on Monday night to discuss the wind turbine project for Greenfield and Lower Harmony. Emotions ran high during the meeting, which often resulted in verbal sparring. Monique Chiasson – Truro Daily News

Reuben Burge, president of Affinity and developer of the local wind turbine project, set aside two hours at the Salmon River fire hall on Monday night to discuss 44 questions from the public that have been answered and posted online at http://www.rmsenergy.ca

He refused to answer questions posed at the meeting until the end; that didn’t sit well with most of the 70 people in attendance. Some walked out within a half an hour after hearing Burge intended to leave after two hours, regardless if there was time to answer questions from the floor. Burge ultimately stayed until 9:50 p.m.

One unidentified woman yelled, “we want you to answer our questions. We didn’t come here for this foolishness.”

“I feel like I’m being ignored,” Harmony Ridge resident George Thomas, who loudly insisted during the meeting the formal presentation be skipped, told the Truro Daily News.

Thomas said he wanted to talk about possible side effects for people who suffer from air sickness or migraines and the impacts wind turbines could have on pets.

Burge said many of the questions people were shouting out during his talk were answered in the presentation, if they would only listen to him.

“I’m answering the questions given to me by the public,” he said.

For example, regarding pets, Burge said in the presentation, “there is no scientific evidence to suggest that wind turbines could harm domestic animals. Wild animals are assessed for potential impact in the environmental assessment.”

Lower Harmony’s Claudia Leclerc lives 1.5 km from the intended wind turbines. She told this paper she was “frustrated” with the meeting.

“We are spending the whole night answering questions on a website; we may have our own questions. I’m not at all surprised and I’m frustrated,” Leclerc said.

Leclerc said she was concerned about use of the Johnson Road as the project’s access road, which is close to her home, because it “will bring farm businesses and traffic close to me. It’s dirty and that dirt and noise will increase.”  Continue reading here…..


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One Comment on “Nova Scotia: Tempers Flare at Wind Turbine Meeting (Where Have We Heard This Before?)”

  1. 1957chev April 29, 2014 at 8:04 am #

    I feel sorry for those people. They will NEVER get honest answers to their questions. The only thing to do, is FIGHT the windpushers, and their government!

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