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Ontario: Replace Green Energy Act in favour of pollution control technology

The Windsor Star (Letters) — April 29, 2014

In 2005, a cost-benefit analysis was done on reducing air pollution from power plants in Ontario.

This report from Powergrid International did not recommend the support of wind or solar power, in effect came out and condemned it, which we now call the Green Energy Act.

The report recommended that pollution control technology be adopted to save taxpayers billions of dollars now and in the future.

The auditor general of Ontario estimated that the province has already lost $2 billion on wind surplus exports and an additional $200 million annually.

Powergrid International spokesman Ross McKitrick stated due to the nature of wind energy as a power source, 7 MW of wind energy are needed to provide a year-round replacement of 1 MW of conventional power.

If the supported Green Energy Act is not replaced in favour of pollution control technology, we will pay 65 to 80 times more in electricity than it would have been if the government would have supported the 2005 cost benefit analysis.

Now, what about a cost-benefit analysis for oil?

I hope not.

JIM McGUIRE, Lakeshore

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