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Update on Plane Crash in S. Dakota — Collision with Turbine Blade, 1 killed on the ground

(The latest update on the plane crash in South Dakota yesterday that killed 4 indicates that 3 of the victims were in the plane, 1 was on the ground.  Investigations  so far have shown that the turbine is missing a blade, leading to speculation that the plane’s collision with the blade is what lead to the accident in thick fog. – DQ)

Collision With A Wind Turbine Brings Down A Plane Killing 4 In South Dakota

South Dakota surely is abounding with mishaps. After a blizzard wiped out nearly 100,000 cows, a freak accident brought down a plane with 3 on–board passengers.

All 3 passengers, including a person on the ground, died instantly when the plane crashed in South Dakota. The plane is suspected to have collided with a wind turbine at a wind–farm. Debris lay near a wind turbine to the west of South Dakota Highway 47. One of the wind turbines had its blade broken off.

The plane was identified as a single-engine Piper 32, and was traveling from Hereford, Texas, to Gettysburg, South Dakota. The single-engine plane was registered to Donald J. “D.J.” Fischer of Gettysburg, according to the FAA. Though the local authorities haven’t officially released any data, among the deceased was the owner, Fischer, a 30–year, who was believed to be flying the plane himself. Local officials confirmed the identities of 2 other victims: cattlemen Logan Rau and Brent Beitelspacher, who were on the plane. The name of the fourth victim hasn’t been released, though reports indicate his name was Nick Reimann. Beitelspacher and Rau are well-known in the cattle industry, and regularly visited such sales and fairs to trade livestock, reported ABC News.   Continue reading here…..

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